“Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy (MVNIA) is a key component of the Romanian Intelligence Service. Therefore, we approach the intelligence activity in terms of educating and training future and present intelligence officers, as well as in terms of research and thorough knowledge in the field of intelligence and security. We overcome barriers and shape characters. Our students benefit of both academic training and personal development.

While education in fields supporting intelligence activities – technical, logistics or administrative – can be ensured by other training units, the role of selecting and training future intelligence analysts and case officers goes exclusively to the Academy.

Any high school graduate is welcome to attend one of the two bachelor’s degree programmes Security and Intelligence Studies and Psychology – Intelligence if they want to become an intelligence analyst or a case officer. Those who have a bachelor’s degree have the opportunity of attending the master’s degree programmes Intelligence Analysis or Intelligence and National Security, organized by “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy.

Our university is open to a larger public, as well, through a wide-range of programmes. These include research master’s, doctoral, and postgraduate programmes, designed for the members of the Romanian intelligence and national security community as well as for all those interested in deepening their understanding of national security. Last but not least, the Academy provides constant training programmes for SRI staff, in different areas and lines of activity.



Sociologist Dr. Septimiu Chelcea (1994 – 1999) – the educational strategy integrated new forms of training that focused on the applicability of knowledge and an effective adjustment to challenges facing the Romanian society of that time.

Professor Dr. Constantin Romanoschi (1999 – 2002) – the gained experience, the development of the curriculum, and SRI operational requirements came up with a strategic reshape of the programme syllabus at the National Intelligence Institute (INI), which later turned into the National Intelligence Academy (ANI) during Dr. Romanoschi’s tenure.

Professor Dr. Ioan Chiș (2003 – 2005) and Professor Dr. Traian Liteanu (2005 – 2007) implemented the principles that support the development of a dynamic and coherent academia.

Associate Professor Dr. Gheorghe-Teodoru Ştefan (2007 – 2013) – the Academy consolidated the training programmes dedicated to future intelligence officers.

Rector’s message

“Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy’s role in the higher education system is unique and, without false modesty, of strategic importance for the security of our country. Acting as Romanian Intelligence Service’s higher education institution constantly connected to its tasks, the Academy’s role should be perceived from a double perspective. On the one hand, we prepare professional and competitive intelligence officers for national security missions in line with standards of excellence, and, on the other hand, we promote the security culture within the Romanian civil society, through research projects with socially oriented goals.

Similar to any other dynamic profession, the intelligence work also requires academic training at the highest level. For this very pragmatic reason, the Academy offers its future students both interdisciplinary bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, as well as the possibility to continue their academic training via the Doctoral School or the National Institute for Intelligence Studies. The common elements of all forms of education are the excellence of knowledge, the complex competences acquired during the educational process, and the vast general knowledge of our graduates.

The perspectives offered by studying within our Academy are unique in the Romanian academic environment. While constantly adapting the teaching process to performance and through the dedication of our professors and researchers, we have developed in past years national and international academic networks together with prestigious institutions, in order to ensure international valences for our programmes and to increase our students’ mobility.

The performance of the Academy is measured today through the results of its interdisciplinary research projects and the professional skills of its graduates. It is indeed true that we need to work harder to extensively disseminate our activity results and promote our institutional profile, characterized by rigor and academic quality.

In a constantly changing world where security issues are more stringent than ever, “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy is strongly connected to the global developments in the field of security and intelligence studies and is already a renowned partner in the European academic environment. Therefore, we take on a unique social role and we are motivated by the responsibility of building the Romanian security and intelligence school. Both I and the entire teaching and research staff strongly believe that only in this way we can decisively contribute to the development of the Romanian human capital and to the improvement of our performance as a country.


Colonel, Associate professor Dr. Niculae IANCU



Associate Professor Dr. Niculae Iancu

Associate Professor Dr. Niculae Iancu

Rector of “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy

Lecturer Dr. Gabriel Sorin Sebe

Lecturer Dr. Gabriel Sorin Sebe

Vice Rector for Scientific Research and Educational Technology

Professor Dr. Cristian Barna

Professor Dr. Cristian Barna

Dean of Faculty of Intelligence

Associate Professor Dr. Ella Magdalena Ciupercă

Associate Professor Dr. Ella Magdalena Ciupercă

Dean of Faculty of Intelligence Studies

Organizational chart