Intelligence in the Knowledge Society, 17th - 19th of October, 2018

Organized by the National Institute for Intelligence Studies within ”Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy, the international conference ”Intelligence in the Knowledge Society” (IKS) represents an European academic debate platform for contemporary security and intelligence topics, reuniting practitioners and national and international academia, experts from different intelligence agencies across Europe and the globe, as well as security studies and intelligence researchers.

The conference key purpose is encouraging interdisciplinary communication and exchanges between the academic field and practitioners interested in intelligence and security-related issues, so as to identify and assess the innovation degree, practices, policies, and trends governing these fields.

Call For Papers 2018

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Security in the Black Sea Region

Organized by ”Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy, under the Romanian Presidential Administration aegis, in partnership with Harvard University and National Intelligence University (USA), the program ”Security in the Black Sea Region. Shared challenges, sustainable future” represents an alternative communication and cooperation platform among diplomats, academia, and security experts from the Black Sea region.

SBSR turns into good account the philosophy, mission and goals of the regional Black Sea Security Program, initiated by Harvard University 15 years ago, with the main purpose the exchange of ideas and good practices in the effective management of threats and risk factors regionally, by developing a joint fund of knowledge and relating to the new risk factors in the region. The current program also has the mission to promote regional actors’ responsibility and initiative in approaching security challenges specific to the Black Sea region.

The program addresses public leadership and leading academia and security experts, intelligence practitioners, ministries of defense and internal affairs of the Black Sea riparian states and their strategic partners.

The 2018 edition of the Program – Shaping the future of the Black Sea Region. Gamechangers and Predictors – will be focused on identifying best ways to address threats experienced by countries in the region and capitalize on opportunities through partnerships. The main goal of the 2018 edition is to foster and enhance strategic thinking, foresight and policy planning in order to identify means and tools to turn the Black Sea from an area of confrontation to one of cooperation. The social, economic, security, cultural and identity issues at stake for resilient sustainable partnerships in the region are also brought into focus.

Contact: sbsr@dcti.ro .


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