As dean of the Faculty of Intelligence, he is also a PhD scientific coordinator at ANIMV and associate professor at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest. He graduated from the Faculty of Psychosociology at the National Institute of Intelligence (2000) and from the Faculty of Mathematics at “Babeș-Bolyai” University (2000), earning his M.A. (2003) and PhD degrees from the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work at the University of Bucharest.

Cristian Barna began his career as a practitioner at the General Directorate for Preventing and Countering Terrorism in the Romanian Intelligence Service, later becoming a professor in the Academy, where he coordinated the activity of the Geopolitics and Security Studies Department and of the Political Science and International Relations Department, before being appointed head of the Faculty of Intelligence.

He is the author of various research papers in the field of geopolitics and security studies, such as “Islamic Crusade”, “Jihad in Europe”, “The End of Terrorism and the New World (Dis)order”, “Terrorism, the Last Resort? The Rise and Fall of Al-Qaeda”, “Al-Qaeda vs. the Rest of the World. 10 Years Later”, “The Globalisation of Asymmetric Threats”, “Romania between Friends and Foes: Geopolitical Cut-Outs and Imagological Maps”, as well as numerous articles published in journals or delivered at national and international conferences and scientific sessions.