Protection of Classified Information

The Faculty of Information is offering a professional training and development postgraduate programme in the field of classified information protection for individuals whose activities involve access to classified information.

The interested persons from public institutions and NGOs will acquire general knowledge on the protection of classified information, will develop the ability to manage the protection of classified information in their area of activity, and get acquainted with the legal and institutional framework. They will also develop the management abilities to train, work and oversee the protection of classified information and will better understand how the respective public authority interacts with the security units personnel.

Management of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Activities

The Faculty of Intelligence Studies offers a postgraduate professional training and development programme in the field of the critical infrastructure protection management for individuals from institutions tasked with formulating legislation regarding national or European critical infrastructure protection.

The participants will acquire the skills required for the implementation of the national legal framework on the protection of national / European critical infrastructures and understand both the physical and cyber protection of the critical infrastructure and the role of intelligence in this process.

Liaison Officer for the Security of National/ European Critical Infrastructure

The Faculty of Intelligence Studies offers a postgraduate programme of training and professional development – ‘Liaison Officer for the Security of National / European Critical Infrastructure’ – aimed at liaison officers working for public authorities, the owners, operators or managers of national / European critical infrastructure, as well as at the personnel interested in filling such a position in various economic organizations and public authorities.

The position is regulated by the Occupational Standard for liaison officers for the national / European critical infrastructure security issued by the National Qualifications Authority (Code COR 242227).